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Conrex was founded in 2011 to invest in US residential housing, while also helping the country to revitalize household formation.

As a leader in the Single Family Rental (SFR) Aggregation space, Conrex is:

  • Helping American families afford quality homes

  • Fastest growing private SFR aggregator in the Southeast and Midwest

  • Thought-leader in SFR institutionalization

With over 9,000 homes purchased and growing by 400 homes per month, we provide families with affordable industry-leading homes of the highest quality and investors with industry-leading yields and potential capital gains.


“We believe that if we can systematically screen potential homes, select only the best homes, and carefully manage the renovation and management process with a focus on cash flow, efficiency, and quality, then we will always make our renters happy and our investors the highest risk adjusted returns possible.”


CONREX developed the buy-to-rent thesis in 2010, based upon over a decade of “on the ground” housing data and research compiled while our founders worked together in all stages of the mortgage and housing cycle.

With a focus on cash flow, we developed proprietary, cutting-edge, SFR analytics that assist us in the full life-cycle of the SFR business: sourcing, bidding, purchasing, renovating, renting and managing tens of thousands of homes nationwide.

Our focus on maximizing yields starts by operating in underserved, but highly desirable, metro areas (MSA’s) in fast-growing Southeast and Midwest markets.  We are currently managing 7,900+ stabilized properties and are buying 400 new homes per month in 20 MSA’s.

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Our proven, proprietary analytics provide us the ability to establish and develop new markets when needed.

CONREX analytics can account for nearly any US economic data trend we find relevant. We overlay MLS, US Census, and proprietary housing data to help us in the programmatic evaluation of MSA’s.  This information is then analyzed by our Property Acquisition & Management System to begin our evaluation and bidding process.  

What We Have Achieved

  • Creation of proprietary bidding analytics to generate potentially desirable home acquisitions every day

  • Creation of proprietary renovation management & oversight system to augment oversight, control and organization over the property life cycle

  • Assistance to thousands of people forming new households

  • Establishment of Conrex as a premier rental home creator