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Conrex seeks to purchase single-family residential properties in mid and large-sized US metro areas and their surrounding suburbs for the purpose of converting to rental units. The Conrex business model improves the house, the living conditions of the family, and the community.



Infrastructure – Proven SFR aggregator, with massive development network.

Proprietary Analytics – Internally developed systems honed to select best cities and best homes.

Experience – SFR market participant and thought-leader since 2010.

Scale – Capacity to acquire 10,000+ homes and growing.

Quality – National partnerships, standardized interiors, and premium tenant management.

Management Team – The team consists of professionals with experience in both corporate and mortgage financial markets, as well as on-the-ground experience in residential housing and construction. Conrex currently manages thousands of properties in 15 MSAs across its five existing funds, having created a proven infrastructure and process for doing so.


Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Renovate

Step 3: Rent

Step 4: Manage

CONREX seeks to generate consistent total returns via both current income and eventual capital gains by purchasing, renovating, and renting single-family residential properties at significant discounts to replacement cost. CONREX is taking advantage of a complex, highly fragmented market with high barriers to entry, providing attractive investment opportunities at distressed prices.